TRACK and WWF launch anti-plastic waste campaign

Hamburg, October 2018 –  Millions of tons of plastic trash –bags, straws, toys, furniture, and more – end up in our oceans every year. The ever-increasing plastic waste in Southeast Asia presents an especially serious problem.

With its new umbrella campaign – “Stop the flood of plastic” – the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has committed itself to tackling one of the biggest environmental problems in the world. The organization has set itself the goal of combating the causes by implementing specific initiatives that aim to prevent plastic waste from getting into the environment in the first place.
This campaign was developed and implemented by TRACK Hamburg, and the agency is now responsible for conducting a range of corresponding marketing, communication, and fundraising activities in the next few years. The aim of the campaign is to acquire new sponsors to support the global fight against plastic pollution.

The main focus of WWF’s “Stop the flood of plastic” activities lies on three specific initiatives. In Southeast Asia, for example, the WWF will develop joint solutions with local government offices, companies, and citizens. This region has the most serious problem with plastic waste, and there is still a shortage of effective disposal, recycling, and deposit systems. With these initiatives, the WWF aims to help reduce plastic waste by 50% in the Coral Triangle region by 2030. This is the only conceivable way of preventing the collapse of the ecosystem and the death of its native species.

TRACK has developed a number of activities to convey these messages. Taking center stage is a stirring video that uses powerful moving images and an emotional song by the German singer, Clueso to draw people’s attention and sensitize them to the issue. The film can be viewed online and used for social media purposes. The film’s message is also being conveyed via striking print ads and eye-catching, illuminated billboards – as well as on infoscreen advertisements. Online advertising such as banner ads will also be implemented in the future.

Britta Poetzsch (CCO Campaign), Malte Lenze (Chief Strategy Officer), and their respective teams were responsible for the creative and strategic direction as well as the implementation. The Shack and nhb – both located in Hamburg – were responsible for the production of the film.

“The plastic problem affects us all, which is why this umbrella campaign is particularly close to our hearts. We want to mobilize people to support the WWF campaign with our striking imagery and Clueso’s great song – and get them to become active in preventing plastic waste,” commented Britta Poetzsch.

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