TRACK tugs at heart strings with an emotional holiday film for the Lindt Teddy bear

Hamburg, December 2016: The Lindt teddy bear is the latest player in the Lindt seasonal universe, taking center stage in a new TV commercial. The bear has all the qualities needed to make it an emotional superstar: a cute appearance that triggers childhood memories and a red heart symbolizing love and emotion. The stirring film was created and realized by TRACK.

A Maître Chocolatier shows a young girl around the wonderland of chocolate in the Lindt holiday parlor. The girl is fascinated as the teddy is created. Once it’s ready, the bear is lovingly decorated with a red heart necklace. The little girl’s greatest wish is to receive a Lindt teddy like this one. And so, of course, the film has a happy ending. We see her getting the bear as a present – complete with the heart necklace. She kisses him tenderly with sparkling eyes and a face radiating joy and happiness.

The Lindt teddy bear was especially created for the holidays, and TRACK was given the task of establishing a strong association between the bear and the festive season of love and goodwill. The story was conceived after considering various insights that had been gained via research conducted around the world. The TVC was first shown in Germany and Switzerland. It was produced by Lippertwaterkotte, the Hamburg film production company – and directed by Linus Ewers.

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