TRACK provides employees with supplemental health insurance coverage

Hamburg, November 2018 – All employees at the Hamburg agency TRACK will soon be able to take advantage of an additional benefit – supplemental health insurance coverage. Starting on January 1, 2019, TRACK is offering its staff the bKV 4.0 plan provided by the insurance company Barmenia.

This company-wide plan enables the agency workforce of around 180 employees to use individual healthcare services in a similar manner to privately insured patients. The range of services offered includes various preventive checkups as well as telemedicine services, which can also be used by parents to contact pediatricians by telephone or video chat. Senior management can take advantage of burnout prevention and other services specifically tailored to managers.

TRACK’s new supplemental health insurance plan is highly customizable thanks to its voucher booklet system. Each employee receives a set of coupons that he/she is able to redeem for the additional, complimentary, preventative healthcare measures that make sense for them.

“In a constantly changing working world that will continue to change even more in the future, staying in good health and thereby maintaining your ability to work is the best provision for aging. In our opinion, we have to do more than simply ensure a healthy work-life balance, which we already address with our overtime policy. It is also our responsibility to consider the long-term health of our employees. By providing our staff with the bKV supplemental health insurance coverage, we are making good on our intentions, while simultaneously making ourselves an even more attractive employer in our sector. This is essential in today’s highly competitive labor market,” explained Phillip Schilling, TRACK CEO.

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