Barmenia and TRACK celebrate the charisma of animals

Hamburg, 15 June 2021 – There are more than 35 million pets currently living in German households, and this number is rising. Last year alone saw an increase of another million furry friends. Never before has the company of animals been so in demand. And each and every cat and dog owner would certainly agree in claiming:
“My pet is unique”.

This is what Barmenia’s insurance cover takes into account. Pet insurance plans and rates are individually tailored to the needs of the four-legged friends. The message is unequivocal: “Your pet is unique. And that’s how we insure it”. Barmenia and the Hamburg-based agency TRACK have just launched a campaign that puts the idiosyncrasies of every animal firmly in the spotlight.

The stage for this is provided by the Barmenia “B” in cyan (a greenish-blue colour). We evolved it here to create a space in which the dogs and cats could be presented in a natural way where they are easily recognisable. The distinctive traits of each animal are in the limelight – from the aristocratic Weimaraner and cheeky dachshund to the clumsy kittens.

“In an intensive branding process, together with TRACK we comprehensively redesigned the look and feel, and made the Barmenia ‘B’, in cyan, our most important brand element. This creates an enormously high level of recognition across all channels. And it now also provides a wonderful platform for moving images,” explains Heiko Scholz, Head of Marketing at Barmenia.
“Even though the animals have the starring role here, Barmenia is able to position itself as a friendly, approachable insurance company with the ‘Einfach. Menschlich’ (Simply. Human) slogan,” adds TRACK CCO Britta Poetzsch, who conceived and created the campaign with her team.

This new positioning is supported by the emotional brand promise #MachenWirGern (We‘re happy to do it). The ad can be seen on adressable TV in waiting room TV screens across Germany and on social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The Hamburg agency TRACK has been supporting Barmenia since 2018. The joint work on the brand has been honoured with an esteemed German Brand Award.

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