TRACK raises a toast to Fever-Tree

Hamburg, November 2019 – After a series of fruitful discussions, the company Fever-Tree was convinced of TRACK’s ability to generate and implement exciting strategic visions. Fever-Tree is the world’s leading supplier of premium carbonated mixers designed create high-quality drinks or cocktails. The London-based brand is ambitious and is looking to significantly expand and strengthen its presence in Germany. The Hamburg agency’s task was to develop and implement a communications concept tailored to the German market. The aim is to make the brand as well known in Germany as it is in England.

To grab maximum attention, TRACK created refreshingly different imagery that portrayed pure enjoyment in natural situations. For the creative implementation, TRACK enlisted the illustrious support of eminent photographers Ilka and Franz. The London-based duo specializes in combining high-quality still lifes with pop art elements in a humorous manner.

TRACK developed a claim especially for the German market: “The best thing that can happen to your drink”. This confidently and charmingly positions Fever-Tree as a premium mixer for high-quality drinks. The main focus of the marketing communications in 2019 is Fever-Tree “Indian Tonic”. This is a refreshing blend of the highest quality, natural quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo and bitter oranges from Mexico.

The campaign will be shown on large screens and in social media (#MixWithTheBest) from November. Digital video ad screens and billboards will also be brightening the  major cities by showing entertaining stop motion animations. The campaign is to be continued next year.

For more information about the brand and its delicious range,

please visit:;  @Fever-Tree Germany

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