TRACK accompanies OLB on their journey into the future.

Hamburg, September 2019 – In fast-moving times, companies have to reinvent themselves again and again. A successful example is Oldenburgische Landesbank AG (OLB). In the past, this banking institution was limited to the Weser-Ems region of Germany’s northwest in terms of sales, but now it is increasingly transforming itself into a Germany-wide financial services provider.

A consequence of this development was that OLB’s old claim (also developed by TRACK) of Heimat ist eine Bank (home is a bank) as well as the former logo no longer seemed to fit. Since OLB has redefined itself as an enabler among banks, TRACK developed a claim in close cooperation with its client that promises exactly that: “Turning ideas into plans.”

“In close cooperation with OLB, we wanted to develop a differentiating, credible, and holistic identity for a somewhat unknown brand in the new, Germany-wide competitive environment,” explains Phillip Schilling, CEO of TRACK.

“We have taken a radical step and redefined OLB’s appearance from the imagery to the logo. This is only possible if you have a courageous customer,” notes TRACK’s CCO Campaign Britta Poetzsch, whose team created the completely new look.

This high-quality black-and-white look distinguishes OLB from other banks’ more classic advertising campaigns. Even the logo changed. With its new square shape and rounded corners, the logo now consciously resembles a smartphone icon. This makes OLB visually appealing and positions it at first glance as a modern financial institution with strong digital offerings as well as expert advice.

The first campaigns have already been created in the new look. OLB also took a new approach when it comes to media and had a 30-second film developed in addition to several key visuals. TRACK created a commercial for cinemas and social media that draws attention to the new OLB and its construction financing. It’s a charming hybrid between a corporate and product film. The ad was produced in cooperation with director Tanja Häring and film producers McQueen.

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