TRACK uses data-based communication to boost Vodafone’s ROIs

Maximum activation. Minimum wastage
TRACK has been the lead CRM agency for Vodafone Kabel Deutschland GmbH since 2004, and is responsible for its B2C communication with customers and prospects.

Our integrated Vodafone team is made up of proven experts from the fields of strategy, consulting, creative ideation and development. We focus on the following tasks:

  1. Strategic consultation with focus on data-based CRM concepts.
  2. Developing and implementing creative campaigns.
  3. Developing and managing campaign systems as a Vodafone technology partner.

It’s much more than just increasing sales – we create touchpoints that make people happy

In terms of communications, we cover the entire customer lifecycle: from lead generation, quality assurance, conversions, activations and retention of existing customers – to preventing customer loss and winning back customers.

Our focus is always on achieving customer growth and increasing sales per customer. Everything we create has to maintain the look and feel of the global Vodafone brand and should have a positive effect on net promoter scores (NPS). Every single touchpoint should deliver a positive and satisfying brand experience.

We are able to optimise customer experience management through our expert and intensive use of data. We generate personalized, relevant 1:1 communications which yield low wastage and high activation rates. 

We adhere strictly to a ‘mobile first’ approach. Depending on the target group and task at hand, we always strive to ensure we use the most efficient channels. Our results are testament to the quality of our work and methods.
The digital share is about 70% (email, inAPP, SMS/MMS, CHILI, WhatsApp).

We know what works – we make every print mailing a success

Our print mailing campaigns also benefit from our expertise with data. We develop and implement target-group-specific sales mailings for Vodafone, and we continuously develop innovative, creative and surprising ideas that generate sales.

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