Many channels, one clear course

For TUI Cruises, we are partners in the areas of trade, CRM, and onboard communication. Our integrated team of CRM, brand, and marketing specialists thinks holistically and always has the TUI Cruises passengers in mind.  We also see ourselves as a sparring partner and source of inspiration for strategic issues, such as the redesign of the loyalty program, marketing support and data-based email routes. We present the brand and the product in its various forms as activatingly as possible – both for B2C (cruise passengers) and B2B (travel agencies/retailers) – depending on the touchpoint.


Relevant and to the point

In order to attract and retain cruise passengers for the Mein Schiff  fleet, we use marketing automation to generate email streams (pre/post-travel newsletters) as well as individually controlled print mailings. Our aim is always ensuring fleet utilization at an attractive margin, increasing the rebooking rate, and addressing the passengers as relevantly as possible via the right channels.

Getting attention at the travel agencies

We also look after the most important sales channel for TUI Cruises. With marketing programs and frequent, attention-grabbing POS materials, we generate traffic and demand via travel agencies in Germany, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries.

We turn passengers into fans and increase social media sharing of the ship experiences (e.g. emotionalizing the product via maritime latte art and benefiting from the resulting posts and shares).

Onboard experience

The product experience takes place on the voyages with the Mein Schiff  fleet: an ideal environment to convince passengers of the product’s USP during the cruise and ensure satisfaction.

We develop and implement concepts around the daily program to increase onboard revenue (e.g. spa/exercise program offers, positioning of premium restaurants not included in meal plans, food and drink menus, tastings).

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