Crafting the online presentation of a unique brand universe

We have been working for Ferrero’s Customer Engagement Program (CEP) since 2019. This involves managing its strategic development and implementing engagement campaigns for 32 separate brands including nutella®, duplo, tic tac®, Ferrero Küsschen, and the entire Kinder brand line of chocolate products.

Love brands meet data-driven marketing

With its CEP, Ferrero aims to acquire a more holistic view of its consumers by using data-driven marketing and combining 1st and 3rd party data. This enables a more efficient and effective approach that significantly strengthens the bond between people and brand. We already send out more than 40 multi-step email campaigns per year via the Customer Engagement Program.

The interplay between brand and consumer

The challenge is to present each product uniquely via email marketing. By creating branded interactions with newsletter recipients, we attain and retain brand fans for 7 different divisions. The content of the individual CEP campaigns is focused on promotions, competitions – and the presentation of new, returning or well-known products. The aim is to continuously increase user engagement and learn more about our consumers.

Deploying test-and-learn to tailor communication

By applying an agile test-and-learn approach, we can continuously optimise the 1-to-1 communications from the brands to our customers. We deploy behavior-based targeting and activity-based logic to determine the relevance of the diverse Ferrero communications so we can tailor marketing precisely to the needs of our individual customers.

Ferrero celebrates its customers

To anchor positive emotion in the minds of Ferrero’s supporters, we develop ideas for life-cycle-oriented campaigns that are based on certain triggers. One current example is the colourful and humoros birthday mailings that celebrate the newsletter subscribers on their special day.

Using digital expertise for best results

Our Ferrero team is made up of proven experts in the areas of CRM strategy, consulting, digital creation and technology. It is set up so that they can apply their skills in an integrated environment, and they continuously achieve successes in data-driven CRM, technical consulting, management as well as in the development and implementation of creative campaigns.

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