Keeping the brand promise real

BMW Motorrad has enjoyed a course of growth for several years. To ensure this development continues, the brand is consistently expanding its range of products to open up new segments and inspire new target groups.

It is also crucial to continue the transformation of the brand into an emotional experience so that we can drive customer enthusiasm and support the development of a loyal community

As a result, the brand promise now appeals to the aspirations shared by a wide and varied group of motorcyclists. It drives their enthusiasm for motorcycling and helps define the overriding strategic alignment of marketing activities.

Leveraging the emotional power of the brand for different types of customers

As lead agency, TRACK has been supporting BMW Motorrad on its journey since June 2018. Our principal task is to interpret and convey the brand promise to different groups within the overall target audience of ‘potential motorcyclists’ – and to give it a specific appearance in each case. This look should correspond to the detailed interests and characteristics of the customers that BMW Motorrad wants to reach with its different offers.

Developing distinctive worlds for individual customers

One significant factor is that motorcycling is high involvement for fans and enthusiasts. Those gripped by biking fever actively search for information – as long as it’s relevant. And not all motorcyclists are the same. In the overall target group of ‘motorbike enthusiasts’ we certainly encounter different passions and consequently also varying interests. Here are two examples:


Faster, lighter, better. For these customers, the focus is on adrenaline, maximum acceleration, the most extreme lean angles on the (racing) line – and personal best times.


This is about the joy of taking urban mobility to new levels with innovative concepts. It’s about playing an active role in shaping the future with new technologies. Connectivity, design and eMobility are just a few examples of the subjects in focus here.

In the medium term, platforms will be established to provide continuous communication for the different types of customers or the various sub-communities within the wider BMW Motorrad community at large.

We bridge the gap between strategic objectives and the specific requirements of the different channels of communication

As lead agency, we develop communication strategies to promote key vehicle launches or other events and create the corresponding look of the film and photographic materials for marketing communications. These are then made available to those responsible for their implementation and adapted and rolled out according to channel requirements. This encompasses all online activities from websites, newsletters and social media content as well as point of sale at BMW Motorrad branches and approved dealers.

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S 1000 XR und F 900 XR

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