WWF enlists TRACK in battle to save planet

Hamburg, April 2018: With its new “Stop global warming,” campaign, the environmental and nature conservation organization, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has teamed up with TRACK to draw attention to the global climate crisis. The campaign was launched at the beginning of April and can be seen online as well as on OOH posters throughout Germany. The income raised through donations will be put toward reforestation projects in the Amazon region.

TRACK has been working for the organization since 2016, with poaching as the main focus of the collaboration in the last two years. In the new campaign, the focus is on global warming and its immediate consequences on the environment as well as the impact on quality of life. The aim of the campaign is to acquire new members and generate donations, in order protect and reforest tropical rainforest areas.

The striking campaign uses eye-catching imagery and a clear message that gets the observer to stop, think, and get directly involved. Under the slogan, “What we destroy will destroy us,” we show human faces in a state of deterioration as a result of typical effects of the climate crisis. The first motif looks at the issue of drought, another focuses on the consequences of coal mining.

“With this campaign, we wanted to show that climate catastrophe is not an abstract or intangible concept, but very real, with serious and direct consequences for mankind,” commented Britta Poetzsch, CCO Campaign at TRACK.

You can get further insightful information about this and other hotly discussed issues at www.wwf.de/klimakrise.

WWF was founded in 1961 in Switzerland as an international umbrella organization. The German branch was founded in 1963. The independent, global network is active in over 100 countries and has over 90 offices in 40 countries. Five million people support WWF around the world. In Germany, 520,000 people supported the organization with their donations last year alone.

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