TRACK and WWF – protecting the forests

September 16, 2020, Hamburg – Following a successful pitch and conducting extensive market research, the Hamburg-based TRACK agency was once again able to convince the leading conservation organization, WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature), of its all-round expertise. The objective this time was to develop an umbrella campaign that raises awareness about the importance of ‘preserving biological diversity’. The WWF is best known for its activities in the field of species protection. However, the organization also has a a variety of projects dedicated to promoting climate, forest and water protection as well as reducing ocean plastic pollution. September 2020 sees the launch of a new broad-based campaign entitled ‘Protecting forests means protecting species’. The message will initially be communicated with OOH posters in the public transport networks of selected cities. From October, there will be more prominent OOH activities, a film to be broadcast on TV and online in addition to the development other digital assets. A sloth will star and represent forest dwellers around the word.

“We want to make people aware of the fate of animals by using  poignant and vivid facts. This is always accompanied by a call for people to support specific projects by making a donation”, explains Britta Poetzsch, Chief Creative Officer Campaign, who developed the overall concept with her team.

“We know that you can’t reach people simply by using shocking images and dramatic statements. They want to know more specifically what their donations actually achieve,” added Dr. Malte Lenze, Chief Strategy Officer Brand at TRACK.

Forests are home to innumerable species of plants and animals. Forest clearances, logging, fires, droughts and climate change are resulting in increased deforestation rates – with dramatic consequences.

Many people are simply not aware that ‘preserving biological diversity’ can also help prevent pandemics. The significance of forests for the diversity of species and our own health is explained in detail here

TRACK has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the WWF since 2016. Together, we have already developed and implemented successful campaigns against poaching, for climate protection and against plastic waste flooding our oceans.

The WWF was founded in 1961 as an international umbrella organization in Switzerland. The German organization has been in existence since 1963. The global, independent network is active in over 100 countries worldwide and has 90 offices in 40 countries. Five million people worldwide support the WWF. In Germany, 635,000 benefactors supported the organization last year.

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