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TRACK bringt John Cooper Works auf Spur

John Cooper Works, MINI’s thrilling high-performance sub-brand, had been given its own dedicated area on the MINI website. This called for a new brand page to highlight the JCW racing excitement and signature go-kart feeling – while recognising its immense legacy and tradition.

As MINI’s lead digital agency, TRACK relished the idea of revving up the John Cooper Works experience. With four new unique models to present, we were marking a new chapter in its history. Therefor it was important to create an eye-catching platform.

Visitors are immediately greeted with a cinematic experience that recreates the JCW race track feeling. You sense the tyres gripping the surface, screeching as it takes the corners – and feel every twist and swerve. Your heart jumps with excitement.

And that’s just the start. John Cooper Works has enormous tradition and the new site provides insights about John Cooper, the pioneer who built the original MINI Cooper that triumphed at the Monte Carlo Rally and enjoyed major racing success throughout the 60s.

We then turn up the volume to eleven. Every sports car enthusiast loves the roar of a finely-tuned engine. This growl sounds even better in a tunnel. So we bring the breath-taking JCW engine sound to life and engage viewers’ senses as it roars through the celebrated Lake Garda tunnel in Italy.

Rounding things off is the 360° interior view that gives visitors a closer look inside. They can virtually sit in the driver’s seat and discover the equipment options, feast on the finest details and appreciate the exclusivity. The legacy lives on. Take a look for yourself.

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