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arvato has grown rapidly in the last few years. Its complex matrix of new fields of business, new countries, and impressively wide array of solutions and services has been reflected in its digital presence. Numerous websites and internet channels have shown the range of products and services it provides – but that hasn’t always made it easy for its visitors and customers to find their way around.

TRACK developed the new website for arvato at It unified all existing sites with respect to content, structure, and technology.

But how can you define a structure that presents the company and its services in a simple and straightforward manner – and arrange the business segments and countries it serves appropriately? How can you organize content so that it can be used across different segments, countries, and languages? And more importantly, how can you do all this where the marketing organization is decentralized, with limited resources?

In the conceptional development stage, TRACK decided to take a content-first approach. With the aid of the Adobe Experience Manager platform, all content can be saved, edited, adapted, and localized in both centralized and decentralized modules. The long-term aim is to make all content fully dynamic and personalize the website according to the users’ interests.

B2B environments in particular tend to observe a broad visitor base. From purchasing and specialist department representatives to primary decision makers, everyone navigates in a different way. Furthermore, everyone has a different level of knowledge concerning arvato, and as a result, finds themselves in different usage situations. The intuitive navigation utilizes the full potential of the modular concept in conjunction with Adobe Experience Manager – and achieves fast, relevant results. This intelligent and new type of search engine displays content rather than page hits. And of course, it can be used on any device.

In just ten months, the website became a global entry point for the company, and visitors were able to experience arvato in a completely different light and transformed arvato itself into a modern, technologically innovative brand.

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