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From product-centric to customer-centric: How Unilever Food Solutions added the ingredients of data and technology to spice up their customer relationships

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) is the Unilever Group division responsible for B2B, marketing brands such as KNORR Professional, Lipton, Phase, Becel, and Lukull to restaurants and caterers.

After a successful pitch, UFS appointed TRACK as lead CRM agency for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in fall 2014. TRACK has also been operating as the lead digital agency for UFS since 2016. In these two roles, TRACK has forged a strategic partnership, working closely with UFS to effectively tackle the challenges they face – and to increase growth in markets where they already have a strong presence.

Our approach takes a different path from conventional, product-centric campaigns and goes on a need-oriented customer journey, while adopting more contemporary relational thinking. This means – We attempt to understand the consumer better and get genuine answers to key questions such as: Who are they? What do they need? And how valuable are they?

Using analytical models, profile data can be intelligently leveraged by UFS to accurately predict purchase probability and present targets with correspondingly tailored offers.

Enabling us to implement precise and effective data-driven marketing automation via paid media, the UFS website, or 1:1 cross-channel communication – Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign are crucial components of the technology platform.


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