TRACK positions Barmenia as a “human” insurance company

Hamburg, July 2019 – After a successful pitch, Hamburg agency TRACK has won the Barmenia Versicherungen account. Barmenia is one of the largest independent insurance groups in Germany, addressing both individual and corporate clients.

The new brand identity follows the guiding principle Barmenia. Einfach. Menschlich. (Barmenia. Simply. Human.) – this is also the new claim. On basis of this positioning, TRACK created an unmistakable, distinguishing look that presents the brand in an emotional way. Particularly in the insurance market, stereotypical images are often used, which makes brands increasingly interchangeable. The new appearance therefore consciously utilizes unique visualization and distinctive messaging to reach the target groups.

Barmenia stands for humanity. Thus, the communication is about conveying this attitude both internally and externally. This is summarized in the promise Machen wir gern (Happy to help). For the new brand image, the first letter of Barmenia – the capital B – is displayed prominently. The company protects customers and its employees in a wide variety of situations and lets them experience life in a carefree manner. The logo completes the new corporate identity.

“In a market characterized by standardization, cost pressure, aggregators and consolidation, Barmenia has decided to focus on people and personal marketing. This is quite unique for an insurance company, which is why we made it the guiding principle of our campaign,” explains Phillip Schilling, CEO of TRACK.

“The phrase Machen wir gern (Happy to help) sums up how people at Barmenia think and act – whether they’re making an offer, handling claims or simply helping the insured. That creates identity,” adds Britta Poetzsch, CCO Campaign at TRACK.

The new branding will be rolled out gradually and will initially be seen primarily in consumer publications, online and in branch offices.

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