Short and sweet: bite-size stories to snack on

Hamburg, May 2019: TRACK expertly demonstrates that concise messages can be conveyed in short and sweet formats. In just 12 seconds, our series of sequenced TVCs for Lindt’s new “HELLO Snack Bites” whets the appetite for these enchanting small chocolate spheres and the different cookie, pretzel and toffee varieties they come in. We also highlight the unusual packaging of this new Lindt creation – and the convenience of the resealable bag.

As Lindt’s lead consultant, TRACK was faced with the challenge of summarizing the core message to seduce the audience with a short claim. “Come on and snack me” does just that – with no further explanation required. To accompany this message, we present the three types of chocolate spheres in a colorful and humorous manner.

Incidentally, Lindt also makes consumers a special offer in the TV ad. If you don’t like them, you can claim your money back. Though given the success of the delicious Lindt HELLO range, it’s highly unlikely anybody will take them up on this.

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