FERRERO appoints TRACK to handle CRM

Hamburg, April 2020 – Following a successful pitch, FERRERO Germany  has appointed TRACK to develop and implement its Consumer Engagement Program (CEP). The Hamburg-based agency will be responsible for the strategic development of the program and the implementation of engagement campaigns for the individual brands. FERRERO is represented on the German market with over 30 brands, including nutella, kinder Riegel, hanuta, Mon Chéri and FERRERO Rocher.

Prior to the pitch, the company had decided to further expand its direct communication channels with consumers and to initiate more individual dialogue. The FERRERO Consumer Engagement Program (CEP) unites all the different threads of the CRM activities for all brands, and pools the available information on the registered consumers.

The Consumer Engagement Program (CEP) already sends out more than 40 multi-level email campaigns every year. But it should now be developed significantly. In the future, automated email triggers are to be designed, developed and implemented along the entire customer journey. The continuous expansion of the “MeinFERRERO” customer portal is another important milestone.

“With TRACK, we have an agency partner who provides us considerable support, both strategically and creatively, in helping us make more of the knowledge we have about our customers. In this way, we can conduct dialogue in an even more individual manner and make our customer relationships  even more valuable,” commented Eddy Perner, Senior Media Manager/CEP Manager FERRERO.

“We are, of course very proud and delighted that FERRERO has entrusted us with these challenges. After all, having direct access to your own customers via the Consumer Engagement Program is extremely crucial in modern communications, to ensure sustainable and efficient growth in the future,” observed Phillip Schilling, TRACK CEO.

“We are delighted to be able to create even more relevant FERRERO brand experiences working together with the experts from FERRERO Germany,” added Reza Ramezani, CCO at TRACK.


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