TRACK is an Adobe Solution Partner

Hamburg, June 2015: TRACK becomes Business Plus Partner within the Adobe Solution Partner Program.

In today’s marketing world, it has become more essential than ever to manage a brand consistently across all touchpoints. At the same time, digitalization and the rapid rise in mobile device usage require a more consistent strategy of individualization, personalization, and adaptation in the respective contexts where consumers interact or identify with a brand.

Brands can only meet these requirements if they themselves embrace modern technology in their marketing – and that applies equally to agencies. With this new, enhanced partnership, TRACK demonstrates its commitment to developing, implementing, and operating these platforms – or to put it another way, using them to generate successful marketing communication. Marketing automation can only generate genuine added value if it is developed and deployed with a full understanding of the brand and underlying communication strategy.

At TRACK, we consider marketing automation first and foremost in terms of creating added value to the relationship between brand and customer, and secondly in terms of efficiency. As an Adobe Solution Partner, our agency has to regularly ensure that our employees demonstrate all the necessary expertise and truly understand the solutions deployed – a prerequisite for the conception and implementation of these systems if a communication strategy is to succeed.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the leading digital marketing solution on the market – and was identified as such once again by the latest Gartner and Forrester Research Marketing Cloud reports. TRACK primarily uses Adobe Experience Manager as its CMS, Adobe Campaign as its marketing campaign management system, and Adobe Analytics for comprehensive data analysis. The interaction of all these components enables us to successfully generate data-driven, personalized content.

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