TRACK uses Cheetah Digital marketing solutions

Hamburg, March 2015: Consumers are interested in brands, not the medium. Today, marketers need a customer-centric platform that embraces the new era of connected consumers. These are customers who interact with their favorite brands via all channels and devices in the digital and offline worlds. The cross-channel marketing platform (CCMP) from Cheetah Digital Marketing Services provides the perfect response to these new challenges.

Experian is a global leader in data-driven, cross-channel marketing, making a host of tools available in one central platform, thus facilitating intelligent consumer interaction. It offers a strong customer-centric methodology that enables us to obtain the single-consumer view from each individual customer. It also links all data and activities in real-time – including cross-channel campaigns as well as event-based and automated interactions – all in one single database.

TRACK is an Cheetah Digital Marketing Services partner, and we use their platform for our own clients.

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