TRACK launches international web platform for EMS

EMS is the leading manufacturer of precision medical devices for dental prophylaxis, orthopedics, and urology as well as beauty and personal care products. Its systems have shaped and brought about fundamental changes to dental treatment approaches. Today, with over 500 specialized employees, EMS works on making dental prophylaxis treatments and professional tooth cleaning faster, more painless, more effective, and more successful.

The biggest challenge in creating a global platform for EMS was strengthening digital sales on a sustainable basis and in particular, optimizing and maximizing lead management efficiency. At the same time, the site needed to highlight the innovative and high-quality product design for which EMS is synonymous.

For this reason, the website has a modular construction, which facilitates efficiency and speed as well as the necessary flexibility for international rollout. Thanks to its smart UI design, the website can be displayed perfectly on all devices and screens. Plus, the content is individualized to match user behavior. The central database is directly linked to the EMS CRM system to give the sales team powerful opportunities while generating and qualifying leads – and then converting them into customers.


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