TRACK creates TV ad for Muller’s “Best-of FrütUp” range

Hamburg, July 2016: FrütUp is well known for delicious, natural fruit toppings on a creamy yogurt base. Now, for the first time, the white yogurt has been refined with chocolate flakes.

To launch the limited-edition “Best-of FrütUp” range, TRACK developed a new TV ad for the Stracciatella Cherry flavor. In the 10-second spot, the chameleon Freddie sashays around playing the mandolin during a food demo. He flirts with his chosen cherry, singing to it like an enchanting Casanova. The TV ad has been running since July 2016 on major German channels.

The spot was produced by Fido, one of Sweden’s most distinguished animation studios, in collaboration with director Jonas Winter-Scholz.

Ute Schubert (Head of Marketing), Florian Weber (Marketing Manager), and Gessica Sortino (Junior Product Manager) were responsible for the project on the client side. At TRACK, Anke Elzenheimer (Client Services Director) and Gunnar Loeser (Creative Ideation Director) took the reins and were adeptly assisted by Denise Bullwinkel, Johannes Eichler, and Julia Hauke.

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