Round two: The new ERGO personal accident insurance for 2017

Hamburg, Mai 2017: TRACK has developed a follow-up to the “Fall down. Get up. Carry on.” campaign it produced to promote ERGO’s personal accident insurance. ERGO’s new plan now offers customers an even more personalized service. It confirms once again that ERGO’s motto and mission – “To insure is to understand” – is not just a hollow cliché. Using 2015’s original TV ad as its starting point, the basic storyline remains, but is now supplemented with the new product benefits and a strong call to action, urging viewers to take advantage of the current discount on offer. The goal of the campaign is to generate leads by getting prospects to contact an ERGO agent and have individualized offers tailored to their needs.
The commercial will run throughout Germany on 14 popular TV channels until the end of May 2017 – accompanied by online banners, sponsored ads, and print media. A new campaign landing page has also been developed and implemented.

The film was produced by Tempomedia in Hamburg. At the helm once again was director Laurent Chanez.

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