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The big countdown to Easter – 22.2.2018 – 25.3.2018

On TRACK for real-time, individualized consumer communication

With several million customer contacts every single day, McDonald′s® is one of Germany’s most popular brands. As lead agency, responsible for eCRM and marketing automation, we jointly embarked on a journey to generate individualized, behaviorally dependent, and fully automated 1:1 consumer communication.

Since 2014, TRACK has developed new campaign concepts, devised and performed data analytics, and tracked customer engagement scores. It has also created and implemented CRM systems – and is responsible for campaign planning, management and reporting for McDonald′s® Germany.

In 2016, we launched our digital frequency platform, which was custom-built for McDonald’s. The platform is able to capture transactional data and behavioral information using individualized loyalty and mobile couponing mechanisms. We then employ our business decision engine to analyze every transaction – enabling us to make individualized offers to customers. In this way, our CRM program successfully drives sustainable loyalty and increases customer visit frequency.

McDonald′s® Germany introduced a new global marketing app in February 2018, and since then, TRACK has been responsible for carrying out national promotion and campaign management, back-end analytics as well as evaluation and reporting.


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