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How to ensure a traditional brand stays modern.

Lindt is one of the most successful brands in Germany. Not least because it is managed in an unswerving, consistent manner. The Lindt Maître Chocolatier offers a very strong, independent umbrella brand platform. So for TRACK, it is essential that we present and develop this platform in a contemporary way.

What do we do for Lindt?

After the successful launch of the HELLO sub-brand, we took over full responsibility for the main Lindt brand itself. We provide strategic and creative communications for the overall brand including all other related sub-brands (e.g. HELLO, LINDOR and EXCELLENCE) and the established, iconic seasonal products (e.g., Lindt GOLD BUNNY and Lindt SANTA).

How it all began with HELLO – the first chapter of a success story. 

Lindt had developed HELLO, a new brand that appeals to younger target groups. Initially, there was just the name, the packaging and the claim “Nice to sweet you.” – all inspired by the new, lively designs of modern urban coffee shops. We then gave HELLO an identity, a voice and a face which was young, sassy and stylish. Having begun life as one of the most successful new launches in the confectionery business, HELLO is now an integral part of the Lindt range.

Components included: TVCs, print and online communications, and social media campaigns.

Lindt EXCELLENCE – how to make you desire dark chocolate. 

People who like dark chocolate are often thought to have a more discerning taste. We produced a sensual film that tells the story of a woman who, after a hard day’s work, begins her evening ritual with Lindt EXCELLENCE. The intensity of her taste sensory experience is visualized using spectacular chocolate images. The Lindt Maître Chocolatier is on hand, in this very contemporary film, to embody the high quality of the chocolate. He stands for the intensely rounded, mild taste of dark Lindt EXCELLENCE. The film has been shown throughout the world.


The Lindt Maître Chocolatier – how do you combine tradition with the contemporary?

The Lindt Maître Chocolatier is the face of the Lindt brand, and one of the most famous advertising figures in Germany. It is always exciting for us to use this platform to develop ideas that tug at consumers’ heartstrings. After all, depending on the sub-brand, his role can be very different. He can play the leading role, or “merely” be the brand’s iconic hallmark of quality.

The Lindt GOLD BUNNY and Lindt SANTA – real brand icons.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the Lindt SANTA. The man with the bell is an intrinsic part of the season’s festivities. But because more and more brands are offering their own Santa Claus, Lindt has had to stay one step ahead. A new iconic figure has been created in the form of the Lindt TEDDY. And who better to narrate the teddy’s fairy-tale story than the Lindt Maître Chocolatier himself?

Father Christmas has also had a fresh ‘make-over’ with a glittering coat in cool colours.

Product innovations – these can also be introduced under the umbrella brand strategy.

Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Milk chocolate stands for milk chocolate with a high cocoa content of 45 %, 55 %, and 65 %. This new Lindt EXCELLENCE product range contains less sugar and tastes less sweet. The varieties appeal especially to consumers who find conventional milk chocolate is too sweet and who prefer more taste-intensive cocoa nuances. The new product has to be conveyed to consumers as a completely new chocolate range. And nobody can do this better than the Lindt Maître Chocolatier. This spot was also shown around the world.


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