Fall down. Get up. Carry on.

Hamburg, June 2015: In the new ERGO personal accident campaign, ERGO and TRACK encourage the viewer to get up and carry on.

The new ERGO personal accident product campaign is yet another proof point for ERGO’s guiding principle: “To insure is to understand.” To understand customers is to support them in taking chances and boldly taking the next key steps in their lives.

The motto of the campaign – Fall down. Get up. Carry on. – adheres strictly to this attitude. The main focus is the versatile and long-term support services provided to customers while they are being treated and in the following period of convalescence – as well as how it tries to ensure that they will be back on their feet again and living an active life as soon as possible.

The campaign started on May 4, 2015 with a TV commercial and was accompanied by an online banner, YouTube ads and new content on the campaign website ergo.de/mehrverstehen. TRACK supported the sales force further by developing flyers, personalized ads, an online banner, posters, and an agency display.

“We don’t come over as an insurance agency that’s always warning about risks, but rather as one with an enabling attitude that gives people strength and support,” explains Andrea Hoelken, Head of Strategic Marketing. We want to ensure our target group that with personal accident insurance, they will receive important active support in addition to financial protection after an accident,” adds Hoelken.

TRACK Chief Creative Officer, Stefan Setzkorn agrees: “The campaign shows that ERGO personal accident insurance is a welcome helping hand for people who find themselves in unexpected situations in life. It’s an insurance that helps you after a minor or serious accident and encourages to get your life back on track as soon as possible.”

In the digital extension, we continued the stories that were told in the individual ads. A baby, wearing just a diaper, toddles clumsily around in a living room, unsteady on his feet – and the viewer’s curiosity is aroused. He falls down after just a few seconds. “We consciously played with the YouTube 5-second script rule,” comments Anne Katrin Trybek, TRACK Creative Director.

The film was produced by Tempomedia in Hamburg (Director: Laurent Chanez).

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