Hamburg, March 2015: Innovative ways of working together help us create a conducive working environment, in which our diverse skills and expertise feed off each other – in harmony with the need for structured processes. Communication might be getting more complex, but here at TRACK we’ve found that if we keep it simple within our own organization, it’s easier to concentrate on what we do best.

We’ve been using Podio here since 2012. As a social collaboration tool for information exchange, project management, and resource planning, it allows us to build apps and set up workspaces to support our workflows. And it grants authorized users access to the most up-to-date and relevant status information, whenever they need it. Everyone can see who is doing what and when, allowing us to react quickly to any changes. It creates as much transparency as possible for colleagues – as well as some clients – using specially tailored tools and operational procedures.

Podio established itself as a great timesaver in all of our teams. It’s easier to monitor the progress of jobs now, and it’s enabled us to eliminate many of the manual tasks that disrupted the flow in the past. Key tasks can be automated, and triggers can be set up for time-sensitive actions. The organization of our work is now easier and more focused rather than it being a task in and of itself. This lets us stay on TRACK and excel at what we’re good at – developing solutions that capture hearts and minds, solutions that sell.

For more information about how we use Podio and how you might be able to implement it in your organization, please contact [email protected]

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