First official air hitchhike in the world.

Hamburg, August 2015: TRACK develops air hitchhiking event for airberlin.

On August 14, airberlin made history with its first official air hitchhike. To get a free return flight to New York, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Vienna, or Copenhagen, all potential travelers had to do was wait along a pre-determined route with a hitchhiking sign stating their favorite destination – and hope that the airberlin bus would stop for them. A pilot and flight attendant made their way through Berlin and picked up the 50 air hitchhikers who made the best impressions with their signs, attire, and attitude. The lucky hitchers were then taken directly to the airport to embark on their dream voyage.

Well-known YouTube and Instagram stars provided live commentary from the very first announcements right up to the last day of travel. The promotion spread quickly on all the usual social media platforms, attracting thousands of followers – and #airtramp (tramp = hitchhike in German) swiftly started trending on Twitter in Germany.

Visit to find out more. (Website content in German.)

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