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From regional bank to nationwide financial services provider: the new OLB

In fast-moving times, companies have to reinvent themselves again and again. A highly successful example of this is Oldenburgische Landesbank AG (OLB).

OLB, formerly limited to the Weser-Ems region of northwest Germany in terms of sales, is increasingly transforming itself into a Germany-wide financial services provider.

A consequence of this development was that OLB’s old claim (also developed by TRACK) of Heimat ist eine Bank (home is a bank) as well as the former logo no longer seemed to fit.

The redesign was a real challenge, which we gladly accepted.

New positioning. New claim. New logo. New look.

Since OLB has redefined itself as an enabler among banks, TRACK developed a claim in close cooperation with its client that promises exactly that: “Turning ideas into plans.”

The high-quality black-and-white look we developed distinguishes OLB from other banks’ more classic advertising campaigns.

Even the logo changed. With its new square shape and rounded corners, the logo now consciously resembles a smartphone icon. This makes OLB visually appealing and positions it at first glance as a modern financial institution with strong digital offerings as well as expert advice.

All of these elements were incorporated into a completely new 45-page style guide. This is also among our areas of expertise.

How is the new positioning experienced in the product campaigns?

 We simultaneously developed the first campaigns with the new look: for example, the construction financing campaign. TRACK developed key visuals and a 30-second ad to draw the attention of existing OLB customers and potential new customers to the current offering as well as the new OLB.

OLB also broke new ground in terms of media and placed the ad both in cinemas and on the usual social media channels. That was only the beginning.

Important target group: corporate customers

The corporate customer campaign shows that OLB, with its exceptional consultants, is the best partner for medium-sized companies with big ideas. This is where entrepreneurs have their say, and we also portrayed this on camera.

This is where entrepreneurs have their say, and we also portrayed this on camera.


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